–Lazy Lady Farm uses sustainable agriculture methods to earn Animal Welfare Approved certification–

WESTFIELD, VT (FEBRUARY 3, 2015)–The herd of dairy goats at Lazy Lady Farm is now certified as Animal Welfare Approved. This certification and food label lets consumers know these animals are raised in accordance with the highest animal welfare standards in the U.S. and Canada, using sustainable agriculture methods on an independent family farm. Lazy Lady Farm is the first farm in Orleans County to achieve this certification.

Like other AWA farmers across the country, Laini Fondiller recognizes the growing consumer interest in how animals are raised on farms. Managing animals outdoors on pasture or range has known benefits for animals, consumers and the environment. Lazy Lady Farm is a 35-acre off the grid property, powered by solar panels and a 1K wind turbine to minimize the farm’s carbon footprint. Fondiller implements a rotational grazing strategy at the farm, regularly moving the 40 milking Alpine goats around each of the 14 small paddocks to graze, giving the fields time to recover before the goats return. “Rotational grazing provides for proper foliage growth without overgrazing and allows us to cut the pasture if needed to eliminate what the goats didn’t eat, encouraging the preferred grasses to grow back uninhibited,” Fondiller explains. “The soil, hay and pastures are our biggest tools for creating award-winning cheeses.”

Fondiller has spent the last 25 year or so at Lazy Lady Farm working to create a consistent, productive, and profitable goat herd, sourcing the right genetics to ensure good milk production and great health. She raises registered Alpine goats at Lazy Lady Farm for milk quality and quantity: “Careful breeding from proven genetics, great pastures, proper grain feeding, and decent hay are all important factors in creating a consistent, productive, and profitable herd,” she says.

AWA Program Director Andrew Gunther says, “The accountability and integrity offered by Animal Welfare Approved farmers like Laini are unmatched in food production. We’re glad to have Lazy Lady Farm in the AWA family.”

Lazy Lady Farm Certified AWA goat cheese is sold at the Capital City Farmers Market in Montpelier, VT. For more information about Lazy Lady Farm visit www.lazyladyfarm.com or email laini@lazyladyfarm.com.

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About Animal Welfare Approved
Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) audits, certifies and supports farmers raising their animals according to the highest welfare standards, outdoors on pasture or range. Called a “badge of honor for farmers” and the “gold standard,” AWA is the most highly regarded food label in North America when it comes to animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability. All AWA standards, policies and procedures are available on the AWA website, making it the most transparent certification available.

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