For consumers, cheese is a tasty, culinary delight!  For dairy farmers and cheese producers, it’s a way to immortalize milk, creating value-added dairy products that can provide higher income for dairy farmers than milk sales alone.  Historically, cheese has been a way for a milk producer to “store” milk that can’t be sold in its fluid form – shelving it for sales at another time. This creates a crucial food production pathway for these farmers and a nutritionally rich food source for consumers. Cheese production eliminates milk waste if it can’t be consumed fast enough, adds revenue for cheesemakers and dairy farmers both, and is just plain delicious to enjoy. And when you invest into helping cheese businesses succeed, you become part of the team that helps our cheese producers and their dairy farmers succeed!

Our vision is big.  We want to help Vermont cheese maintain its leadership position in the artisan cheese industry, support dairy farming and agricultural sustainability, help researchers learn how to help the dairy industry make both sustainable and delicious choices together, and sustain those who are providing food for our community so they keep doing this crucial work.  We are aiming to do this by providing industry-leading education programs, delivering high-quality business support resources and services, promoting the $650 million Vermont Cheese Brand both locally and across the country, assisting new and retiring cheesemakers to navigate those transitional periods, and helping cheesemaking business owners/staff with coaching and support.  We are looking for partners who want to invest alongside us into the future of food – specifically the cheese industry and the dairy farmers behind it!

If you’re interested in becoming an underwriting sponsor or sponsoring one of our world-class events like the Artisan Cheesemakers Winter Conference, The Hunt, or The Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, please contact Development Coordinator, Chelsea Johnson, at


Our program/event teams, sponsors and funders are all partners in the work we do!  Here are some of our partners, sponsors, and funders:

Cabot Creamery Cooperative • Jasper Hill Farm • Vermont Creamery • Vermont Dairy Promotion Council • Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing • Northeastern Dairy Business Innovation Center  •  Grafton Village Cheese Co.  •  Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company  •  Dairy Connection •  American Cheese Education Foundation •  The Best of Route 100 – Mad River Valley, Waterbury, and Stowe  •  Brattleboro Food Co-op •  City Market, Onion River COOP  •  Eden Specialty Ciders  •  Lake Champlain Chocolates  •  HN Williams Store •  Mad River Taste Place  •  Middlebury Food Co-op  •  Moose River Campground  •  Shelburne Farms  •  Springfield Food Co-op  •  Woodstock Farmers Market • Food Connects • DigIn Vermont • American Cheese Society • Oldways Cheese Coalition •   Billings Farm & Museum  •  Cobb Hill Cheese  •  Cheese & Wine Traders  •  Consider Bardwell  •  JK Adams  •  Lazy Lady Farm  •  Mt. Mansfield Creamery  •  Stony Pond Farm  •  California Cheese Guild • Maine Cheese Guild •  Minnesota Cheese Guild •  Ohio Cheese Guild •  Oregon Cheese Guild •  Pennsylvania Cheese Guild •  Washington Cheese Guild