It’s more cheese than you can shake a sheep at.

Vermont Cheese Week is a state-wide, weeklong celebration designed to feed the fanaticisms of all you cheese lovers out there (We see you.).  We’ve got unique learning, tasting, pairing, and local “Vermontish” experiences for you.

Looking for a cheese feast?  Start the week off at the Harpoon Brewery Kickoff event in Windsor.  Want something romantic? Pick up a curated basket of cheeses + other local goodies and for a picnic in the Champlain Valley. You can watch cheesemaking and tour international award-winning cheesemaking creameries around the state. Many cheese producers are also partnering together for dinners or classes around the state – including some incredible, dreamy experiences for the cheese-obsessed. You can even sign up for cheese camp, where you can meet cheesemakers from around the state firsthand, learn about what it’s like to make cheese and farm in Vermont, eat some cheese (of course that is included!!), all while visiting one of the state’s most beautiful historic estates!

Dig in friends – there are lots of items to nibble on to plan your personal Vermont Cheese Week adventure!

How does it work?

We have 3 kinds of events during the week: Special Events, All Week Long Happenings, and (for industry-only folks) the Vermont Cheese Summit.

Special Events

These occur on one day/time during the week usually, and may be free, may have a cost, and may require reserving a spot – it depends on the event

All Week Long Happenings

These are events that occur through the whole week (or almost all the days!); it includes cheesemaking viewing, farm and cheese production site tours, picnics, and other items!

Vermont Cheese Summit

This is a industry-only event to help cheesemongers, retailers and groceries, restaurant teams, distributors and other cheese industry professionals meet with Vermont cheesemakers, sample their products 1-1, tour their creameries, and attend education sessions with us!

Featured Events

Live Music

Tuesday, September 10

Cheese Camps

Styled for anyone who likes to take a long, romantic walk through the cheese aisle, our Cheese Camp is a chance to meet cheesemakers and experts, attend panels and lectures, and take home all kinds of new curd nerd knowledge!

Various dates and locations

Tastings & Pairings

Cheese likes friends: libations, fruit, meats, bread. Enjoy it all at tastings and pairings presented by vineyards, breweries, restaurants, and more.

Interactive Workshops
Regional Dance

Various dates and locations

Cheese Dinners

We’re partnering with some of Vermont’s best restaurants to offer a variety of dining events and opportunities ensuring this is one delicious week!

Various dates and locations

Farm & Facility Visits

Numerous farms and creameries will be offering tours to the public! Go behind the scenes and view production first-hand, with opportunities to meet both cheesemakers and their four-legged friends that make cheese possible!

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