2024 Business Miniversity: Jan 29 – Mar 6


A new program to help cheese producers (as well as farmers, other specialty food producers, and others in the food industry) get access to learning related to business management, marketing, project and financial projection planning, grant applications, and strategy development.  Format:  Meets twice a week for 1.5 hours, 6 weeks and 12 sessions total.  Open to all in the food industry. Jan 29-Mar 6. Registration opening in end of October.

2024 Artisan Cheesemakers Winter Conference – Feb 15-16, 2024


We are very excited to announce the return of the Artisan Cheesemakers Winter Conference.  This virtual/online event is designed to provide exposure to new ideas and educational experiences for artisan cheesemakers – to help them advance their cheesemaking and business practices, as well as our industry as a whole.  While our content focuses on information to support professional cheesemakers, attendance is open to all, including other cheese industry professionals, amateur cheesemakers, the general public, and anyone who wants to dive more deeply into the world of cheese. We encourage anyone curious and interested to explore this event!

The Science of Farmstead Cheese

(Online Course)

Have you ever wondered how milk turns into cheese?  How it is that gouda is different from cheddar, when it starts out by being made from the same milk?  The answer:  It’s all in the science behind cheese!  If you make, age, sell, or write about cheese – learning about its underlying science can help you gain a better understanding of how differences in milk, making choices and recipes, aging factors, and more can all be used to manipulate milk into the glorious product we call cheese!  And for the cheese lovers out there:  If you want to get geeky about it – this is perfect for you!  The Science of Farmstead Cheese is a self-paced, fully online class that can help you gain a broader understanding of the science and chemistry of milk and cheese.  We worked with Pat Polowski, food and cheese scientist – and teacher of all things cheese science, to create a course that is designed for visual learners!

american farmstead cheese book


These are books related to the production, history, and industry of cheese and dairy farming.


Dairy plays an incredible role in Vermont.  The value of dairy products sold; wages made by those impacted by dairy; profits that recirculate into and drive the state economy; and benefits to local agriculture, tourism, and real estate together bring $2.2Billion in economic activity to the state of Vermont.  Visit our reports page to learn more.