What is Cheese Week?

Cheese Week is a week-long, state-wide celebration of cheese in Vermont! Attendees can select from various events around the state and enjoy a range of activities including educational, tasting and sampling, and on-site farm and creamery experiences. With the opportunity to meet cheesemakers firsthand, taste some of Vermont’s top food and beverage paired with cheese, and experience the stunning landscape across the state, this event is designed for the cheese lovers and foodies out there.

Where do I start planning my Cheese Week?

We recommend checking out the full Cheese Week calendar of events and trying several different views (we have a week view, daily view, map view, and more!), then making a list of events you’d like to attend or experiences you’d like to have. Many of our Cheese Week events are free, but some do require advance ticket purchases or reservations. Then review our travel tips and recommended lodging to make your Cheese Week travel plans!

Where should I stay during Cheese Week?

With great events all over the state, there’s a part of Cheese Week for each region of Vermont. We have a list of recommended lodging by region, but also keep in mind that Vermont is a “small” state, and lodging or events may be closer to one another than you think at first glance. We always recommend mapping distance between locations in advance, to get a feel for traveling around the state.

Are there more things that will be added to the schedule later?

While our schedule is mostly set for Cheese Week, we do have some additional special events and “all week” opportunities that may be tucked in along the way. Because Vermont is a renowned tourist destination (especially heading into our beautiful autumn season), we recommend you make your lodging and travel reservations as early as you are able.

What cheeses will be represented at Cheese Week?

That’s part of what makes Vermont Cheese Week so special: our membership covers a wide range of diverse local cheeses, from small artisan cheesemakers to well-known Vermont creameries, from cow to sheep to goat and back again. Each cheese has a unique story of its journey through the cheesemaking process, and what it means to the deeply interconnected community of Vermont. That’s what we want to share with you at Vermont Cheese Week.

Is there one central Cheese Week tour I can join or go on, that will take care of everything for me?

Vermont Cheese Week is a self-guided, choose-your-own-adventure experience – everyone’s Cheese Week experience will look a little different! Maybe you’re interested in a four course outdoor cheese dinner with wine overlooking the rolling hills of Vermont Dairy Country; maybe you most want to tour working Vermont farms; maybe you want a casual celebration atmosphere with great beer and a cheese feast. Whatever your foodie fancy, Vermont Cheese Week has it for you to choose from!

Is the Vermont Cheese Summit part of Vermont Cheese Week?

Our Vermont Cheese Summit is an industry-only event for buyers, distributors, and retailers, scheduled by design on September 14-15 to dovetail with Vermont Cheese Week activities. This is a great opportunity for industry buyers to network with each other, cheese producers, and distributors. It is not open to the public.

Who do I contact if I need more information about Cheese Week?

Our Program Coordinator, Haley Elkins, is a great first-stop! She can be reached at haley[at]vtcheese.com. For Cheese Week interviews and media inquiries, please contact our Executive Director Marty Mundy at marty[at]vtcheese.com.