How long does it take to complete a Clue Packet?

It varies a little bit depending on what tasks you choose to do.  For example, most of our clue packets provide 9-10 clues that require that you do, find, or photograph something. To complete The Hunt – you only need to complete FIVE of the clues in your packet.  Some clues take less time than others – like finding something, then taking a selfie with it.  Others take longer, such as those that have a hike or longer bike ride associated with them.  And some are in the middle – having you find a local picnic spot, where you, your team, and your favorite cheese together!  You can choose whichever five clues you want to complete – the shorter duration ones, the longer ones … it’s up to you.  You can create a half-day outing, a day trip, or a weekend adventure.  That said – you can also choose to complete your clues anywhere between now and the last day of the event; so you can do a few clues this week and a few clues next week.  It’s entirely up to you! In general, if you begin and pursue The Hunt in the region in which you reside, we’d guess it will take you 4-5 hours to complete most versions of The Hunt if you don’t choose to pursue a longer hike or bike ride.

What should I bring with me on The Hunt?

We recommend you bring a pencil or pen to record answers/take notes along the way.  Beyond that – we HIGHLY recommend that you read through all the clues in your packet before heading out, so you will know if you’ll need to load up your car with your bike, hiking gear, bug repellant, a picnic, water, sunscreen, cheese (yes, you might need this!!) or anything else!

Who is eligible to participate?


Can I hunt and submit entries from more than one region?


Our team has more than one person doing The Hunt together; can each submit an answer entry to win?

Yes, any member of a team that participates in completing ALL the clues for which answers are submitted may submit an entry.  So if you have a family of four who participates in completing their clue packet together (meaning they each participate in completing EACH OF the required five clues to complete The Hunt), all four may submit an answer entry independently (i.e. four people on a team can submit up to four entries).  If a team member stops participating partway through The Hunt and doesn’t ACTIVELY participate in completing five clues total – this person should not submit an entry.  When you submit your answers, you will have a spot to add additional team members’ info on that form.

If we have a multiperson team, can we split up the clues – so that one person does three clues and another does two, such that together they complete 5 clues?

No.  For any person to say that they have completed The Hunt, that person must complete the required 5 clues, though they can do it WITH other people.

If we need help finding something, where should we go/what should we do?

Ask locals – shop owners, visitor or welcome centers, chambers of commerce!

What do we do if we think something is wrong with a clue?

Please email us at with your information/comments.

I am a lodging provider, visitor center, or other organization that would like to request marketing materials that I can share for this event; to whom should I reach out for more information?

Please reach out to for this.

I have a media inquiry; to whom should I reach out for more information?

Please reach out to for this.