Sensory Evaluation of Cheese



Montserrat Almena-Aliste, Ph.D.
One of the main factors driving consumer choice is the sensory quality of the final product. This one-day workshop will provide you with the fundamental tools to control and define the sensory quality of cheese, offering basic sensory training to describe and record the sensory characteristics of your cheese, as well as resourceful information and quality control systems to prevent defects in cheese. This intensive course, offered by cheese technologist and sensory scientist Dr. Montserrat Almena-Aliste (former VIAC instructor), combines practical hands-on exercises with technical lectures, making it very interesting and enjoyable but at the same time offering very valuable information to prevent making, selling or buying defective products. The course is also an unique opportunity to improve your food sensory skills and the understanding of cheese quality to everyone involved with cheese, from beginners and advanced cheesemakers, marketing and sales representatives to quality managers, technicians, cheese mongers, chefs, and everyone else that would like to explore the fascinating world of cheese. Cheesemakers are welcome to bring samples of their products for evaluation to get practical feedback from Dr. Almena-Aliste.