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Fundamentals of Artisan Cheese


The School of the American Farmstead offers “Fundamentals of Artisan Cheese,” a two-week intensive course taught by world-renowned master cheesemaker, Ivan Larcher at Sterling College in Craftsbury, VT, in conjunction with Jasper Hill Farm, an American Cheese Society-Certified Educator.

Fundamentals of Artisan Cheese provides the practical and scientific knowledge needed to create exquisite artisan cheese. It offers a whole-system perspective on artisan cheesemaking, beginning on the farm with careful attention to animal husbandry and welfare, forage and feed, dairy production, and milk quality. The course then dives deep into the science and art of cheesemaking by exploring raw and pasteurized milk theory, cheese microbiology, coagulants, curdling mechanisms, and starters. In classroom lecture sessions, as well as hands-on and observational cheese making, artisan production of lactic, hard, soft, Saint Nectaire, and traditional brie cheeses is studied. Additional topics covered include: affinage (cultures, climate control, rind treatment, and handling throughout the aging process), recipe development, sensory and tasting skill development, identification of defects and troubleshooting. Attention to critical food safety concerns, an on-site food sanitation workshop, an overview of plant design, exploration of sales and distribution strategy, and lessons is content-based marketing round out the curriculum.

This course is suitable for confident beginners and capable practitioners alike. Students should have some cheesemaking experience, even if only at the home scale.

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Vermont Cheesemakers Win at World Championship Cheese Contest


Vermont Cheeses Shine at the World Championship Cheese Contest

Vermont Cheese Council Members Win Multiple Awards in Madison, WI

Stowe, VT – March 11, 2016:  Jasper Hill Farm cheeses captivated judges at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest in Madison, WI.  Along with Jasper Hill Farm, three other Vermont Cheese Council members, Vermont Creamery, Cabot Creamery Cooperative, and Boston Post Dairy, also captured top awards in their categories.  Jasper Hill Farm, located in Greensboro, won two “Best in Class” awards for “Winnimere,” a washed rind, seasonal cheese and “Moses Sleeper,” a brie style, bloomy rind cheese.  In addition, its “Harbison” won a second place award and its much loved “Bayley Hazen Blue” won a third place award.  “Winnimere” was one of four outstanding American cheeses that made the cut for consideration for Best in Show, but lost to the “Grand Cru Surchoix,” an Emmi-Roth USA cheese made in Wisconsin.  This is the first American cheese to win the top prize in 30 years.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative, located in Cabot, also won two “Best in Class” awards, for their “Cabot Sharp” (6 months- 1 yr.) and Cabot Greek Yogurt.  In addition, Cabot received a third place award for its “Vermont Farmhouse Reserve,” part of its new Farmers Legacy Collection.  Vermont Creamery, located in Websterville, was named “Best in Class” for its “Fresh Crottin”, a fresh goat cheese.   Boston Post Dairy, located in Enosburg Falls, won a third place award for its gouda-style goat cheese “Tres Bonne.”

The World Championship Cheese Contest is held annually in Madison, Wisconsin and boasts a record-breaking 2,955 cheeses submitted from around the world. There were 110 judging categories, with only 11 percent of all the cheeses taking prizes in their classes.  The World Championship Cheese Contest is the world’s largest technical competition for cheese, butter and yogurt.

The Vermont Cheese Council is a non-profit trade association with 50 members. Its mission is to promote and advance quality cheesemaking in Vermont.  The Vermont Cheese Council prints The Vermont Cheese Trail Map and will host the 8th Annual Vermont Cheesemakers Festival on July 17, 2016.  The Festival was recently named “Top Five Food Festivals to Plan Your Vacation Around” and Fodor’s Travel “Top Ten Summer Food Festivals in the United States.”


For additional information, please email Tom Bivins, Executive Director for the Vermont Cheese Council at tom@vtcheese.com or call 802-451-8654.

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