A raw goat milk cheese, washed in hard cider from our neighbors across the border in Granville, NY.  Aged just about two months, this cheese is soft near the edges and semi-firm in the center, with sweet grassy notes and a hint of apple lingering on the rind.  Seasonally available only in 2 pound wheels.

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Eleven Brothers


Named after our eleven brothers-they were a lot of work and so was this cheese.  They all turned out great, as did the cheese. Made with goat milk and aged 4-6 months, flavor intensifies as it ages.  Washed-rind Tomme style with a buttery flavor, nutty undertones.   A symphony of flavors that linger.  Pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon, bold dark fruits, fresh apples and rustic bread.
American cheese Society: 2013-Gold
Eastern States Big E competition: 2011-Gold, 2012-Silver, 2013-Gold

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Lake’s Edge


Named after the shades and patterns of stone along Lake Champlain, this mold ripened goat’s milk cheese, aged 30 days, bears a shadowy coat of white and black, presenting a stronger goat flavor combined with an earthly streak of ash throughout – the result of being a cheese which is dramatic in both flavor and appearance.

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This is the cheese that “put us on the map” when it took a first place award in the American Cheese Society competition in 2006. Since then it has won loyal goat fans for it’s classic simplicity. Aged for three weeks, the texture of this cheese is velvety and smooth, with a white mold exterior. It goes well with a Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc wine. We love this cheese with a dollop of honey!

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