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Parish Hill Creamery

A whole milk semi-soft cheese, aged 3 to 6 months with a smooth texture and a smattering of eyes throughout the paste. Young Humble has a mild, nutty flavor that develops a funky earthy flavor with age. The golden-hued, edible rind is formed by brushing the outside with local hard cider.

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Vermont Leyden


Leidse Kaas (Leyden Cheese) is a cheese made on farms, historically in the Leiden area of the Netherlands. Grafton’s Vermont Leyden has a big, buttery flavor and texture, brightened with the warmth of cumin seeds. This cows’ milk cheese mellows with age while growing in complexity. Aged a minimum of two months.

Recent Awards:
Silver, Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition, 2015
Silver, International Cheese Awards, 2014
Silver, International Cheese Awards, 2013
Silver Finalist, sofi Awards, National Association of Specialty Food Trade, 2012

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