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Sage Farm Goat Dairy is a small, family-run farm and creamery located on 27 acres of pasture and woodland in Stowe.  Established in 2008 by sisters Molly and Katie Pindell with help from their partners, David Wilkens and Bob Sabolefski, Sage Farm produces a variety of cheeses from the milk of our herd of registered Alpine goats.

Our farm is intentionally small, as one of our primary goals is to maintain a family-run operation. We take great care in managing our herd and our land. The goats graze outdoors as long as the ground is free of deep snow. We change our paddocks daily, providing the goats with a diverse diet of fresh pasture plants and browse. In the winter months, the herd eats hay grown on our own land and from another family farm in our local area. We supplement their feed ration with organic grain.

Our cheeses reflect our dedication to small-scale production. Each cheese, from ashy pyramids to smoked chèvre, is hand-ladled and carefully ripened in our own cave. We handle all of our own distribution, making sure that buyers receive cheese in the best condition possible. We participate in two local farmer’s markets and we enjoy the face-to-face interaction with our customers.


Sage Farm currently sells cheese at the Stowe Farmer’s Market, the Waitsfield Farmer’s Market, Harvest Market (Stowe), Green Top Market (Morristown), Healthy Living Market (South Burlington), Formaggio Kitchen (Cambridge/Boston), Central Bottle Wine and Provisions (Cambridge), Joppa Fine Foods (Newburyport), Dedalus (Burlington), Bacco’s (Boston), Woodstock Farmer’s Market (Woodstock & Waterbury), Hanover and Lebanon Co-ops, Hunger Mountain Co-op and at select restaurants in our local area.


Sage Farm

Molly Pindell
2248 West Hill Road
Stowe, VT 05672



Morse Camembert

Morse Camembert is named for one of the less famous peaks along the Mansfield ridge line. We are proud to make this cheese exclusively with raw goat’s milk, which allows our high quality milk to shine through in the final product. Morse ages for 60 days, developing strong mushroom flavors and a very gooey, creamy paste.

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Spruce is a supple, creamy, washed-rind round wrapped and aged in strips of spruce bark harvested by hand on the farm. Made with pasteurized goat’s milk and washed with Alchemist brewery’s famous Heady Topper, Spruce has a surprisingly mellow paste with an unmistakable woodsy zing from the tannins in the spruce bark.

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Snowball is a hand-formed ball of ripened chévre. Aged 2-4 weeks, the snowball has a tannish-white, wrinkly geotrichum/penicillin rind.

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Black Madonna

Black Madonna is a hand-formed round coated in ash, reminiscent of the French Selles-sur-Cher. Ripened for 2-3 weeks, Black Madonna develops a complex, speckled rind, taking on the appearance of a rounded river stone.

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A lush combination of our own goat’s milk enriched with Jersey cream from Butterworks Farm in Westfield, VT, Belvidere is a decadent treat. Belvidere’s yeast-ripened Geotrichum rind imparts a wild, bready aroma and flavor. Aged 3-4 weeks.

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Worcester Tomme

A raw-milk offering only available during the winter months. A rustic, Alpine-style tomme, Worcester is aged 3-9 months, developing a natural, earthy rind. The interior is pleasantly mild and smooth, with a little goaty kick.

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Available at the farmer’s market only. Made with 100% raw goat’s milk, this salty cheese is reminiscent of true Greek-style feta.

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Maple Banon

A semi-ripened, hand-formed round of chèvre wrapped in maple liqueur-soaked maple leaves and tied with raffia. This lovely little package has a deep, woodsy flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Only available in limited batches.

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Smoked Chevre

Available periodically throughout the summer and fall, is fresh chèvre which has been gently smoked over maple and apple wood from the farm. The smoky flavor is intentionally mild so that the fresh cheese is not overwhelmed.

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A small, white bloomy-rinded disc, also ripened for two weeks. A bit milder than the Sterling, Madonna’s interior is smooth and lush. Sometimes ashed for a Selles-sur-Cher-style rind.

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A typical French Valençay-style cheese. Its truncated pyramid shape is dusted with ash to encourage a beautiful, gray bloomy rind. Ripened for two weeks in our aging cellar, Sterling has a dense, creamy interior with a spicy, goaty bite.

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