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True Buttermilk


Our buttermilk is ‘true’ because it is just what buttermilk should be, the brightly flavored, creamy liquid that results from the churning of cultured butter. (Most ‘buttermilk’ you find at the store is made from skim milk.)

Our traditional, cultured buttermilk is at once creamy, tangy and slightly effervescent. It enhances countless recipes or may be enjoyed alone as a delightful drink. Our buttermilk contains live, active cultures and is rich in highly beneficial probiotics and other nutritious compounds.

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Ricotta is a fresh, sweet cheese that reflects the delicate and complex flavors of the milk it is made from.  At our farm, we focus on flavor.  We consider many factors to achieve a golden, nutrient- rich milk with subtle hints of sunshine and field. The breed of cows we milk (Guernsey), their all-grass diet, the small size of our creamery and the meticulous cleanliness of our processes all result in delicious ricotta cheese. You can taste the love.

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Cultured, Artisan Butter


Not to be immodest, but our butter is divine. Guernsey cows are known for incorporating delicate flavors of sun and field as well as important nutrients, like vitamin K2 and vitamin A into their milk. Allowing these cows an all grass diet further enhances the vitality of the butter. It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s). Both have powerful human health benefits.

To make our butter, we first allow the whole milk to sit still, and the cream naturally rises to the top. After a few hours, the cream is drawn off. State law requires us to pasteurize our cream. We do so gently in a vat at the minimum required temperature of 155°. The cream is then cooled to warm, and aromatic cultures are added. The next morning, we have a beautiful crème fraiche. This lovely cultured cream goes into a small churn, where the cream separates into a solid (butter) and a liquid (buttermilk). We draw off the buttermilk and wash, salt and form the butter.

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