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Jersey G


Cow’s milk, tomme style.  Named after the farm from which our cow’s milk comes from, this cheese has a semi soft paste and aromas of cultured butter.  It has a smooth lingering mouth with a sharp buttery finish.

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available year round, Cow’s milk, Taleggio-style, washed rind, semi soft. This rectangular cheese has a sticky orange rind and a creamy soft interior. The rind imparts much of the strong flavor to the cheese and is complemented by the smooth texture and creamy, fresh flavors of the interior. 10-12 lb. slab.

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Summer Snow


seasonal (spring thru summer) Sheep’s milk, soft ripened, bloomy rind, camembert style., This cheese is unique in flavor and texture; the inside is a contrast between its runny, sweet exterior and its lemony chevre like interior, coated in a velvety white rind. 1/4 lb. round (12 ounces).

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