Vermont Farmstead Products

BrickHaus Tilsit


Medium firm texture with irregular holes, this cheese will tempt the cheese lovers looking for full flavor. Buttery and fruity with a spicy tinge, our BrickHaus Tilsit adds just the right oomph to your favorite sandwich and also makes a great melting cheese.

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Sugarhouse Edam


Flavored with fenugreek, this distinctive Edam cheese suggests a hint of maple and walnut. A medium firm texture with a nuanced buttery note adds just enough savory to balance the sweet. The 12lb Gouda wheel will be dressed in traditional candy-apple red wax.

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Governor’s Cheddar


Winner at the 2012 American Cheese Society Awards, this Farmstead Cheddar is aged for over 1 year and was named to commemorate a visit by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin to our cheese room. Subtle honey note and lush butter and fruit tones balance the cheddar bite.

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AleHouse Cheddar


This twist to a traditional classic is tipsy with earthy, rich Harpoon® IPA. Leading with a fragrant ale nose, our cheddar has an open, flavorful balance of nuts and hops with a slight caramel note.

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Vermont Farmstead Cheddar


Our rolling vibrant pastures and crisp mountain air are embodied in our terroir and find delicious expression through our Farmstead Cheddar. We use only the freshest raw whole milk directly from our own herd for a lush bite of cheddar with a subtle sweet note and lingering hints of butter and fruit. The curd is milled using our peg mill which produces a unique, more open, friable texture. Available in 12lb truckle moulds.

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Flavored WindsorDale


We age our WindsorDale a minimum of 6 months before any flavors are added which results in a better balance between the flavor and the cheese versus most flavored cheeses found in the marketplace today. Choose from Cranberry, Blueberry, Cracked Pepper, Hot Pepper, Sage and Windsor Blue.

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An homage to Britain’s famous farmhouse cheeses of yore, our WindsorDale is a raw milk cheese made using a late 1800 farmhouse Wensleydale recipe and a traditional peg mill imported from England. The peg mill tears the curds versus traditional cutting, for a more open, friable texture. The result is a creamy white cheese with a hint of tart apple, a honeyed aftertaste and firm, flaky texture. Pressed in a traditional mould, the cheese will be made in a 12 lb. clothbound cylindrical truckle mould with a butter ripened natural rind. For ease in cutting, we will also offer a rindless 12lb. truckle.

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Cheesemaker Tom Gilbert’s expertise in soft ripened cheese brings velvety texture and form combining with Head Cheesemaker Rick Wood’s passion for sublime and memorable flavors. We’ve lovingly named the result Lillé, our own version of a French coulommiers. Thicker than a Brie, this decadently sumptuous soft ripened cheese has a downy white bloom with a supple paste core enveloped by a rich creamy body. Reveals a subtle mushroom nuance with notes of nut and butter and a lingering tang.

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