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Clothbound Cheddar


This traditional English process – binding curds in cheesecloth, sealing with lard, and cave-aging over a year – give you a cheese with a flakey texture, woodsy flavor, and long, brothy finish. A standout on any cheese plate. Pairs perfectly with English ale, pickles, and strong mustard.

A 2017 Good Food Awards Finalist

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April Fools’ Day 1-Year Cheddar


Our 1-year cheddar with a twist: it’s naturally dyed with annatto—derived from the seeds of the tropical achiote tree. This single batch was made last April Fools’ Day as our cheesemakers explored an old cheesemaking tradition.
Limited availability.

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Three-Year Cheddar (Reserve)


Our longest-aged cheddar endures rigorous testing and sensory evaluation, reaching a pinnacle of flavor that is distinct to our terroir (taste of place). Bright, fruity flavors with a slightly crumbly, crystalline texture. Enjoy with a ripe, full-bodied red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot.

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Smoked Cheddar


Farmhouse, Raw milk. Brother Luke and the Monks of New Skete in nearby Cambridge, New York hickory smoke our young cheddar for six hours to give it a subtly sweet, bacon-like flavor. The ideal companion for a walk in the winter woods; delicious served with smoked meats and dried fruit.

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