Cobb Hill Cheese

Oh My Gouda


Oh My Gouda is based on a Dutch Gouda recipe. It is a washed curd cheese aged 3 to 4 months. This sweet and nutty natural rind cheese is made with rich and creamy raw Jersey cow milk which imparts a smooth and buttery flavor. The milk comes from pastured Jersey cows that are bred and raised here at Cobb Hill by our dairy enterprise partners Cedar Mountain Farm. From May to September the herd grazes on pasture maintained without artificial pesticides or fertilizers. During the non-pasture season the Jerseys eat hay from our own fields and neighboring farms.

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Four Corners


Similar to its Welsh namesake, a brined cheddar with a natural rind, a slightly crumbly texture and a strong, tangy flavor that is best at three months. The exterior of Four Corners ranged from gray to orange, and sometimes reveals the outlines of the cubes that filled the cheese form. Four Corners is 11″ in diameter, 2″ to 4″ high.

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Ascutney Mountain


A sweet and nutty cheese similar to European Alpine cheeses like Gruyère, Appenzeller, or Raclette. By four months, a mild, clean Swissy flavor is present, balancing the butteriness of our rich Jersey cow milk, but most wheels are aged 8 to 10 months to develop more complex character. Ascutney Mountain Cheese has a firm yet creamy texture, with tiny eye (holes) scattered throughout the interior. Wheels weigh between 8 and 12 pounds, are 11″ in diameter, slightly domed, and 3″-5″ high. Rinds on young cheeses are the color of straw, but by 4 months they develop a thin coat of crusty gray or white, a sign of a happy relationship between the raw milk product and its environment.

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