Savory Yogurt Dips


Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki Savory Yogurt Dips are a bold new take on an old world favorite. Today, Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki Savory Yogurt Dip has built upon this time-honored culinary tradition of fresh flavors and versatility by crafting a Tzatziki recipe that is perfect for adventurous American palates. The results is a whole new level of savory yogurt goodness that is perfect for serious dipping with pita chips and rich enough to be used in favorite recipes—enjoy as a topping on a grilled lamb burger!

Each batch of Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki Savory Yogurt Dips start with fresh dairy from nearby New England farms, fresh vegetables are then added and the results are four delicious flavors that satisfy consumer demand for delicious, healthy and versatile foods. Unlike the competition, Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki is made with real non-fat yogurt—no sour cream—for a unique Tzatziki flavor experience that is rich, creamy and delicious.

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