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Wensleydale is a cheese with a rich history in the U.K, dating back to the mid 12th Century..  Once made only in Wensleydale by monks from sheep’s milk, it is now made all over England from cow’s milk as well.

 Wensleydale has a milky freshness and a touch of citrus when young. As it matures, the flavors become deeper with an almost honey-like flavor in the background.  When mature, it is a crumbly cheese, but it becomes firmer as it ages.

Serve with fruit and a nice crusty bread. Also pairs well with other cheeses.

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Named after the Dutch city it came from, Gouda varies greatly with age.  Young gouda is typically consumed as a sandwich topping or snack, but aged gouda moves from a semi-hard to a hard cheese, as it develops crystals and caramel-like overtones.

 Young cheese (4 weeks)
Young matured (8–10 weeks)
Matured (16–18 weeks)
Extra matured (7–8 months)
Old cheese (10–12 months)
Very old cheese (12 months and more)

 Serve with sliced apples and a light-bodied beer or a crisp white wine.

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Farmstead or Farmhouse

Typically, this style was a specific reference to farmhouse cheddar, a cheese which made use of the best cream from the farm where the cheese was being produced.  Thus, it was a special cheese and fetched a premium price.

Now, especially in America, farmhouse style cheeses can refer to a wide variety of styles, as long as the cows, the milk, and the cheese are from the same farm.  

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Cheese Curd


Farmstead or Farmhouse

Curd flavor is mild, but can differ in taste depending on the process in which it was made. It has about the same firmness and density as a cheese round, but with a springy or rubbery texture. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into, a defining characteristic not present in finished cheese, due to air trapped inside the porous material curd itself.

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