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Brother Laurent


A washed-rind French Muenster-style cheese named for an uncle, Holy Brother Laurent Boucher, who made frequent trips from Montreal to the farm during his lifetime. This cheese is very aromatic, dense, and tangy. It melts well and is traditionally served over boiled potatoes. Serving suggestion: A great addition to creamy meat sauces, or at the side of a wine-poached pear as dessert. We simply eat it alone with crusty bread at the side, savoring each bite. An A.C.S. award-winner.

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Made in the Gorgonzola style, tangy, sharp and crumbly. This cheese is cured over a three-week period attracting naturally occurring flora to form a rind. The surface is scraped down before wrapping and further aging in our cellar. It has a unique character and bitter chocolate aroma. Due to its crumbly texture, it is best cut with a wire. Serving suggestion: try as dessert or an appetizer with caramelized walnuts, sweet raisin bread, or drizzled with honey. Great over a light green salad with a sweet dressing. Has won the Cheese Reporter Trophy at the British Empire Cheese Show. An ACS Blue-Ribbon winner.

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Boucher Blue / Vermont Blue Cheese


Smooth, very creamy, and mild, with undertones of chestnuts, sweet hay, and truffles. Based on a French Fourme d’Ambert over the years it has become a true farmhouse cheese, unique to our farm. Serving suggestion: Part of an American Cheese course with sweet fruity wine: its mild character does not conflict as other, more well known blues can. You may serve either of our blue cheeses on a spoon as an amuse-bouche with a drop of Amaretto. An American Cheese Society award-winner.

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