Introduction to Cheesemaking with Peter Dixon

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This 6 day intensive workshop includes hands-on cheesemaking as well as information and discussion about cheese aging, facilities, equipment, regulations, sanitation and food safety, business planning, and creamery design.

This session will be held in Westminster, VT.  For availability, contact Rachel at Tel. 802.387.4041 or   Registration information and policies can be found here.

Topics include:

  • Milk Properties
    • Sheep
    • Cow
    • Goat
    • Seasonal Milk Production
  • Hands-On Cheesemaking
    • Mozzarella
    • Ricotta
    • Tomme
    • Gouda
    • Appenzeller
    • Asiago
  • Use of Starter & Ripening Cultures
  • Brining
  • Affinage
  • Equipment
  • Facilities for Small-Scale Commercial Cheesemaking
  • FDA and State Regulations
  • Sanitation and Development of Food Safety Programs
  • Affinage for the Cheeses made in Class
  • Creamery Design
  • Business Planning
    • Financial
    • Personnel
    • Marketing