(Last updated 9/26/20) If you are from out of state and would like to visit Vermont – we welcome you with a few restrictions and requests.  In order to try to control the spread of COVID into Vermont from outside states,  the State of Vermont is limiting who can and cannot visit the state without quarantining for 14 days based on the number of cases by county in the northeastern U.S.  We ask that you respect these requests, made by the State of Vermont, in order to keep our friends and families safe and healthy across the entire state!

The short version is this:  The State of Vermont has determined that any county with less than 400 active cases of COVID-19 per one million residents (the equivalent of 40 cases per 100,000) is now eligible for quarantine-free leisure travel.  They have created an AWESOME map to help you see if your county is in this category or not.  The state updates this map each Tuesday, identifying quarantine and non-quarantine counties throughout the Northeast including New England; New York; Pennsylvania; Ohio; New Jersey; Delaware; Maryland; Washington, D.C.; Virginia; and West Virginia.  If you are visiting from another state, many states’ health departments have their own charts that you can find by performing an internet search for something like “New Hampshire COVID cases by county”.

If you need to quarantine, the state provides specific guidance on what that means on their Cross State Travel Information page, alongside this travel map! We encourage you to read all the info on this page, if you wish to travel to Vermont – so that you know what to expect when visiting.

Go to Vermont’s Cross State Travel Information Page


We’d love to have you visit Vermont and enjoy the best of fall for this event!!  Check out our Visiting Hunters page to learn more about state restrictions on out-of-state visitors and what to expect when visiting the state.    We ask all visitors to please respect these state requirements in order to protect our friends and families across Vermont.   And thank you in advance!!


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