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As retail shops and restaurants have cut back on sales and even closed their doors temporarily due to COVID-19, animals that produce milk just don’t know that happened! Cheese still is made and our dairy farmers and cheesemakers still need to sell their cheese in order to keep their doors open. To help provide a way for our makers to keep moving cheese our of their aging spaces and to get some amazing cheeses onto your table – we have created an Online Sales DirectoryAn easy way to help if you don’t have a specific maker from whom you want to order:  Contact a shop listed on the directory, one in Vermont or an area near you, and ask for a bundle of 3-4 mixed styles of cheeses.  The amazing cheesemongers around us are there to help too! Thanks so much to all our loyal supporters – you have our greatest appreciation!

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3oz lactic cheese and was my first cheese creation modeled after what I first tasted when in France. It is mild yet goaty with a lovely texture.
available periodically May-Dec

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Four Corners

Similar to its Welsh namesake, a brined cheddar with a natural rind, a slightly crumbly texture and a strong, tangy flavor that is best at three months. The exterior of Four Corners ranged from […]


This cheese is the same as the Marabella but made with goats milk and organic Jersey cows milk.  It is made from October to December.  5-6oz lactic cheese with a geotrichum/p.candidum rind with 2 […]

2% Milk

Our same delicious, certified organic milk, but a little lighter. With less calories but the same protein, essential vitamins and minerals, our 2% Milk is the perfect milk for your morning cereal.

Available in Half […]

Middlebury Blue

A raw cow’s milk blue, made with Ayrshire milk from the cows next door. Aged sixty days, it is both creamy and crumbly and dare we say “town meets gown”, that unique experience when […]

Clothbound Cheddar

This traditional English process – binding curds in cheesecloth, sealing with lard, and cave-aging over a year – give you a cheese with a flakey texture, woodsy flavor, and long, brothy finish. A standout […]


A lush combination of our own goat’s milk enriched with Jersey cream from Butterworks Farm in Westfield, VT, Belvidere is a decadent treat. Belvidere’s yeast-ripened Geotrichum rind imparts a wild, bready aroma and flavor. […]

Farmhouse Jack

A mild, smooth, milky sweet creamy cheese. Great for melting, or cooking, try it for grilled cheese sandwiches or have it with a glass of wine.

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Snow’d In

3/4lb 4 week ripened washed rind cows milk cheese. Supple texture and buttery flavor as it is made with creamy jersey milk. Washed weekly with Kingdom Brewing’s Russian Stout beer.
available dec-may

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Has won awards around the world for its gutsy, robust flavor. The distinct sharpness that Cabot fans and connoisseurs worldwide have come to love is the result of five to eight months of careful […]