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As retail shops and restaurants have cut back on sales and even closed their doors temporarily due to COVID-19, animals that produce milk just don’t know that happened! Cheese still is made and our dairy farmers and cheesemakers still need to sell their cheese in order to keep their doors open. To help provide a way for our makers to keep moving cheese our of their aging spaces and to get some amazing cheeses onto your table – we have created an Online Sales DirectoryAn easy way to help if you don’t have a specific maker from whom you want to order:  Contact a shop listed on the directory, one in Vermont or an area near you, and ask for a bundle of 3-4 mixed styles of cheeses.  The amazing cheesemongers around us are there to help too! Thanks so much to all our loyal supporters – you have our greatest appreciation!

Garlic & Dill Cheese Spread

Creamy goats milk cheese spread flavored with garlic, dill, salt, and pepper. Great as a sandwich spread, on crackers, in mashed potatoes, or bagels. My personal favorite! 4 or 8oz.

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Available at the farmer’s market only. Made with 100% raw goat’s milk, this salty cheese is reminiscent of true Greek-style feta.

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Jersey Blue

5 lb. wheel, natural rind, whole unprocessed milk, minimal salt is used which can hinder growth of blue flora but allows tremendous flavor development. Is often crumbly, but high butterfat content assures ‘melt in […]


Milk: Raw, organic Jersey cow (Sumner Farm, Halifax, VT)
This hand-crafted munster-style cheese originated in the eastern Vosges Mountains of the Alsace region as far back as the 7th century. It is caressed by hand […]

Snyderbrook Rd

This is a winters cow milk cheese made with organic cows milk.  It is ripened 6 to 8 weeks and brushed 2 times per week. B.Linens are added to the milk thus creating a […]


Farmstead or Farmhouse

Typically, this style was a specific reference to farmhouse cheddar, a cheese which made use of the best cream from the farm where the cheese was being produced.  Thus, it was […]


3oz lactic cheese and was my first cheese creation modeled after what I first tasted when in France. It is mild yet goaty with a lovely texture.
available periodically May-Dec

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Parish Hill Creamery

This traditional Tomma has a bright milky flavor and slight tang when young, becoming sharper and more robust with age. Wild molds are encouraged during aging resulting in rind resembling gray stone. […]

Vermont Brebis

Introduced in May 2003, this little gem was awarded the blue ribbon at the prestigious ACS competition in San Francisco three months later! A small round wheel, Vermont Brebis (pr. bray-bee) is olive-y and […]

Alpine Cheddar

Aged to creamy, nutty perfection. A subtle Swiss and Italian Alpine blend with a slight grana texture similar to Parmesan. At room temperature, this lactose-free cheese will surprise and delight even the most jaded […]

Goat Tomme

Hildene Goat Tomme is a semi-firm cheese made from raw milk. Each wheel is washed in a salt brine fro the first month of aging to develop an orange patina and fruity aroma. While […]

Snow’d In

3/4lb 4 week ripened washed rind cows milk cheese. Supple texture and buttery flavor as it is made with creamy jersey milk. Washed weekly with Kingdom Brewing’s Russian Stout beer.
available dec-may

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Adirondack Cheddar

Even among the extraordinary cheeses of our Founders’ Collection, Adirondack is quite unique. Crafted with care from the original recipe created by Cabot’s New York founding farmers in 1919, this cheddar packs that distinctively […]

Bon Père

French for Good Father.  This is a cow and goat cheese blend aged 3-5 months. A delicious mild and creamy cheese that melts great.
Eastern States Big E competition: 2013-Gold, 2014-Gold.

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Goat Milk Kefir

Our certified grass-fed goat milk kefir is super creamy, mild and delicious.
Packed full of microbiome friendly probiotics!

  • Certified Grass-Fed
  • Animal Welfare Approved
  • Easily Digestible
  • Made with Probiotics – Live Active Cultures

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Suffolk Punch

Gourd-shaped, whole milk Caciocavallo-style cheese is a classic pasta filata made by stretching lactic fermented curd in hot water to form the traditional shape. Caciocavallo – cheese on horseback, refers to the way two […]