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As retail shops and restaurants have cut back on sales and even closed their doors temporarily due to COVID-19, animals that produce milk just don’t know that happened! Cheese still is made and our dairy farmers and cheesemakers still need to sell their cheese in order to keep their doors open. To help provide a way for our makers to keep moving cheese our of their aging spaces and to get some amazing cheeses onto your table – we have created an Online Sales DirectoryAn easy way to help if you don’t have a specific maker from whom you want to order:  Contact a shop listed on the directory, one in Vermont or an area near you, and ask for a bundle of 3-4 mixed styles of cheeses.  The amazing cheesemongers around us are there to help too! Thanks so much to all our loyal supporters – you have our greatest appreciation!

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Snowball is a hand-formed ball of ripened chévre. Aged 2-4 weeks, the snowball has a tannish-white, wrinkly geotrichum/penicillin rind.

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Cheese Curds

Our cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand – the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Granular curd cheese is very similar to cheddar, but it’s made in […]

Jersey G

Cow’s milk, tomme style.  Named after the farm from which our cow’s milk comes from, this cheese has a semi soft paste and aromas of cultured butter.  It has a smooth lingering mouth with […]

Vermont Maple Chevre

Our classic Chevre mixed with pure Vermont Maple Syrup. A little bit tangy, a little bit sweet! Awesome spread over toast. 4oz.

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Habanero Cheddar

We’ve long been wanting to create the perfect spicy cheese, and it’s finally here! Our Habanero Cheddar is HOT! This Cheese is a perfect addition for hot chip dips, a zesty pizza topper, or […]

Eleven Brothers

Named after our eleven brothers-they were a lot of work and so was this cheese.  They all turned out great, as did the cheese. Made with goat milk and aged 4-6 months, flavor intensifies […]


Dear Friend —

I may be Plain in name, but I am fascinating and complex on the inside.
My full-fat Creamline  milk combined with maker’s custom blend of bacteria, make me buttery and tangy.
Yummy yummy and […]

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid Scheme is our pyramid shaped triple cream with a layer of vegetable ash between the paste and rind.

Both the shape and ash layer change the ripening of this cheese you get even more […]

2 Year Aged

Our signature cheddar has earned national acclaim for its mellow tartness, creamy mouthfeel and unforgettable individuality. Our most honored cheese, with more than a dozen recognized awards.

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St. Albans

A uniquely American take on the French St. Marcellin, St. Albans takes its name from the town of St. Albans, Vermont and recalls the Creamery’s longstanding partnership with the St. Albans Cooperative, longtime producers […]

Artisan Reserve Cheddar

Revel in our lactose-free Artisan Reserve Cheddar, a distinctive artisanal cheddar hand-selected for premium quality. We’ve aged this specialty cheese for three full years to create exceptional flavor and aroma. Available in 1-pound bricks.

For […]

Truffled Burrata

Strands of fresh pulled mozzarella are soaked in cream, mixed with earthy black truffles and then enveloped in a pocket of fresh mozzarella. Packed in a sea salt brine, our Truffled Burrata is loaded […]


Harbison is a soft-ripened cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind. Young cheeses are wrapped in strips of spruce cambium, the tree’s inner bark layer, harvested from the woodlands of Jasper Hill. The spoonable texture […]


Semi-ripened soft sheep cheese that is buttery and citrusy with an herby finish. Can be further ripened to a runny earthy delicacy! 6 ozs.     (Avail May-Oct)    “Soft and buttery cheese……” Yankee Magazine (Oct 2006)

1st […]