This clue is “virtual” – so you can do it from anywhere! And you can use it to help complete any clue packet you pursue; that means that instead of doing 5 clues to complete your clue packet – you only have to do 4 from your clue packet!

Early Bird Clue:  The Sum of Great Cheese

Many people love Vermont’s cheese – but few know how much impact this artisan industry has on the state and Northeastern U.S. as a whole.  Using the video below, answer the following, then add up all your numbers to get your total.  We call this total:  The sum impact of making great cheese!

  • What percentage of Vermont’s dairy farms are small and have less than 200 animals?
  • What percentage of New England’s milk is produced in Vermont?
  • There is ONE cheesemaker per how many people in Vermont?
  • Every day, dairy brings in how many dollars in “circulating cash” to the state of Vermont?
  • How many jobs does dairy provide in Vermont?
Early Bird Video

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