In May 2010, we produced our first wheels of Reading, an outstanding Vermont artisan raclette-style cheese made with raw Jersey cow milk. The milk is sourced from our two neighboring, family-run partner dairies.

Reading is aged approximately three months, receiving the same care and nurturing given to all of our cheeses. It offers a unique creamy texture balanced by nutty, grassy undertones. It matures into a versatile semi-soft cheese ideally suited to melting, but it exhibits a subtle yet complex flavor profile that allows it to stand alone on any cheese plate.

2017 – 1st in Category | American Cheese Society | Denver, CO
2017 – Good Food Award | San Francisco, CA
2016 – 1st Place in Category | American Cheese Society | Des Moines, IA
2015 – 1st Place in Class | American Cheese Society | Rhode Island, USA
2014 – Best in Show | Gold Medal in Category | Big E Cheese Competition | West Springfield, MA
2013 – 1st Place in Category | US Cheese Championships
2012 – Silver Medal -| World Jersey Cheese Awards

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