Small Batches

Tarentaise – Reserve


Spring Brook Farm specializes in award-winning French Alpine-style cheeses. In 2008 we produced our first make of Tarentaise, a farmstead cheese made using fresh raw milk from our milking herd of 40 Jersey cows. It has a natural washed rind, is semi-firm in texture, and aged for a minimum of nine months. By the time our Tarentaise is ready for sale, it will have been washed and turned at least 60 times by our knowledgeable aging room staff.

Depending on the season, the flavor profile on Tarentaise can range from bright red berries and floral undertones to deeply brown butter and nutty to wonderfully savory and brothy. Tarentaise Reserve follows the same make process as Tarentaise but is allowed to age for a minimum of 18 months to produce a cheese that is even more complex in flavor. Only a small proportion of Tarentaise wheels are deemed suitable for additional aging (roughly 5%)!

2016 – Good Food Awards
2015 – 1st Place in Category – American Cheese Society
2014 – Tarentaise Reserve – Best in Show – American Cheese Society
2013 – 1st Place in Category – American Cheese Society
2012 – Gold Medal – Wold Championship Cheese Constest

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Sheep Skyr


The yogurt of the Vikings!

Brought to Iceland from Norway over 1000 years ago, skyr was traditionally made with sheep’s milk. Our sheep skyr is protein-rich and full of high-quality fats, made by hand from sheep’s milk in small batches.

Sheep’s milk from grass-fed ewes is one of the most nutritious milks available, and is naturally homogenized with small fat globules, making it easier to digest. Many people who have intolerance or sensitivity to cow’s milk find sheep’s milk to be much more easily digested. Compared to cow and goat milk, sheep’s milk has significantly more fats, calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Our sheep are moved to fresh pasture every day, grazing on clovers, grasses and wildflowers, and eat lots of organic apples in the fall.

Our Skyr is packaged in glass, and has a shelf life of 4-6 weeks.

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