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Cow’s milk, tomme style.  Named after the farm from which our cow’s milk comes from, this cheese has a semi soft paste and aromas of cultured butter.  It has a smooth lingering mouth with a sharp buttery finish.

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A semi-soft “Geo”-ripened cheese, with an unctious texture and a hearty, umami-rich flavor profile. Aged for two weeks, with sweet floral undertones, this cheese would perfectly pair with a nice, crisp American lager.

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Ashbrook is the newest award-winning cheese coming out of the cheese house, with the first makes occurring mid-2014. This is our ode to the French Morbier. As with Reading, this cheese is a made from the fresh raw Jersey cow milk from our partner dairies and exhibits a distinctive layer of vegetal ash running through the center of the paste. It is a semi-soft washed rind cheese that is aged for approximately three months. There are aromas of damp, dark cellar with a mild funkiness on the rind that gives way to a paste that is milky, lactic, and sweet.


2016 – Good Food Awards | California, USA
2015 – 1st Place in Category | US Cheese Championships | Wisconsin, USA
2015 – Culture Magazine | 75 Best Cheeses of the Year

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A washed rind cheese, raw milk, recipe from the Island of Corsica. The molds on the rind are typical of this French recipe. Smooth and semi-soft texture with a nutty flavor. Many times washed with beer. A favorite cheese amongst beer lovers.

2014 Yankee Magazine top four New England cheeses.
2011 American Cheese Society second place winner, Farmstead Non-pasteurized Cow Milk Category.

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