Dear Friend —

I’m not like the other ricottas.
I’m fermented and I live in this little basket.
I’m richer and creamier.
And I’m not just for lasagna!
Pick me instead of cream cheese, sour cream, or cottage cheese.

Freshly Yours,
Basket Ricotta

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Ricotta is a fresh, sweet cheese that reflects the delicate and complex flavors of the milk it is made from.  At our farm, we focus on flavor.  We consider many factors to achieve a golden, nutrient- rich milk with subtle hints of sunshine and field. The breed of cows we milk (Guernsey), their all-grass diet, the small size of our creamery and the meticulous cleanliness of our processes all result in delicious ricotta cheese. You can taste the love.

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Ricotta Alta


Ricotta “Alta” (the top) is a basket drained ricotta made from top portion of our kettles. Creamy in taste and silky in texture, this cheese sets itself apart from our standard ricotta. The basket drained style is ideal for a party cheese plate. Spread on crackers or scoop from the basket with a spoon, this velvety cheese has trouble staying in the fridge.

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Hand Dipped Ricotta


Hand dipped the old fashioned way from our kettles, Maplebrook Farm’s ricotta bursts with flavor. Our Ricotta is unique for its smooth delicate texture, full flavor, and outstanding quality. It is perfect for all recipes, whether savory or sweet.  Try it on toast with cinnamon and sugar for a simple breakfast treat, or bake it into a lasagna for a traditional Italian family favorite.

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Linda crafts beautiful, hand-ladled, whole milk Ricotta fresh for sale and for use in their famous cannoli available at the Waitsfield Farmers Market on Saturdays from May to October.

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