Raw Milk

Cow Tomme


Hildene Cow Tomme is one of our winter cheeses made from raw milk bought from a nearby dairy. It has a firm texture and a nice balance of bright tartness with a creamy, buttery flavor similar to a mild cheddar. Each finished wheel is 6 to 7 pounds and is aged for at least 6 months. The natural rind adds an earthy note.

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Goat Tomme


Hildene Goat Tomme is a semi-firm cheese made from raw milk. Each wheel is washed in a salt brine fro the first month of aging to develop an orange patina and fruity aroma. While the washing gives the cheese a little extra funk the complexity of our goat’s milk still shines through: peppery, sweet and savory all at once. Hildene Goat Tomme is aged at least 3 months and is made in 4-5 pound wheels.

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Morse Camembert


Morse Camembert is named for one of the less famous peaks along the Mansfield ridge line. We are proud to make this cheese exclusively with raw goat’s milk, which allows our high quality milk to shine through in the final product. Morse ages for 60 days, developing strong mushroom flavors and a very gooey, creamy paste.

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100% Grass-Fed Raw Goat Milk


Our milk is 100% grass and forage fed, certified by AGW.
The soil, pastures, and quality hay are our best tools for creating healthy delicious milk.
Our goats have outdoors access 24/7 365 days a year.
We rotationally graze the goats during the growing season, where they have access to new forage and browse.
The herd is moved to new grazing areas once or twice a day depending on the size and quality of the pasture.

Grass-fed products are higher in healthy antioxidants, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid CLA, carotenoids such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, and other nutrients.

You can obtain fresh milk from us in the following ways:

  • Pick up on-farm
  • Delivery to Farmers Markets (email or call to pre-order)

Our foundation for fresh raw milk:

  • Healthy soil
  • Healthy goats
  • Clean milking environment
  • Milk that is cooled quickly and handled gently

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Tarentaise – Reserve


Spring Brook Farm specializes in award-winning French Alpine-style cheeses. In 2008 we produced our first make of Tarentaise, a farmstead cheese made using fresh raw milk from our milking herd of 40 Jersey cows. It has a natural washed rind, is semi-firm in texture, and aged for a minimum of nine months. By the time our Tarentaise is ready for sale, it will have been washed and turned at least 60 times by our knowledgeable aging room staff.

Depending on the season, the flavor profile on Tarentaise can range from bright red berries and floral undertones to deeply brown butter and nutty to wonderfully savory and brothy. Tarentaise Reserve follows the same make process as Tarentaise but is allowed to age for a minimum of 18 months to produce a cheese that is even more complex in flavor. Only a small proportion of Tarentaise wheels are deemed suitable for additional aging (roughly 5%)!

2016 – Good Food Awards
2015 – 1st Place in Category – American Cheese Society
2014 – Tarentaise Reserve – Best in Show – American Cheese Society
2013 – 1st Place in Category – American Cheese Society
2012 – Gold Medal – Wold Championship Cheese Constest

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