Natural Rind

Cow Tomme


Hildene Cow Tomme is one of our winter cheeses made from raw milk bought from a nearby dairy. It has a firm texture and a nice balance of bright tartness with a creamy, buttery flavor similar to a mild cheddar. Each finished wheel is 6 to 7 pounds and is aged for at least 6 months. The natural rind adds an earthy note.

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Autumn Oak


This smooth and creamy natural rind cheese is made from the fresh rich milk of the farm’s own ewes. Its flavor is reminiscent of wild woodland mushrooms with a full mouth feel! Approx. 2.5 lb wheel (Avail Late Aug-Feb)

2nd place 1999, 1st place 2000, 2nd place in 2002, 3rd place in 2003…Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in London, England Sept 2004!

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Red, White & Blue


Red foil envelops this ivory cheese streaked with blue veins and punctuated with irregular holes and small eyes. Clean, fresh and original, this cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and mild peppery accents.

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Plymouth Big Blue


Recognized by Food & Wine as one of the best artisanal cheeses in the nation, Big Blue showcases a thin stony rind surrounding a moist but dense cheese. With patches of small blue eyes, the texture is creamy, bold and rich with an herbaceous tang and a long finish. Its flavor develops steadily, becoming spicier as it ages.

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The Cornerstone Original Project

Four cheesemakers made the same cheese, or did they?  What happens when we all follow one recipe, each use our own native cultures, use the same forms, and encourage wild rinds?  In response to the ACS Judging Committee’s call for American Original cheeses, we hatched a plan to develop an approach to cheesemaking that demonstrates the elemental nature of the raw milk.  By limiting the input variables, we allow the raw milk to determine the nuances of texture and flavor unique to each of our Cornerstones.

Stones are 10 inches in diameter and weigh approximately 8 pounds.

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Clothbound Cheddar


For special events and professional chefs, Cabot can keep you well stocked in the cheddar you love to serve. Lactose-Free Clothbound is an approachable but complex natural-rind, bandaged cheddar with a crumbly texture and nutty aroma. The flavor is deeply savory and slightly tangy with caramel sweetness to the finish. The milk comes from Kempton’s Farm in Peacham, VT.

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