VT Curd


Squeaky, salty, buttery chunks of fresh “cheddar’d” and milled curds are a farmstead classic. They are best eaten fresh when they still have their squeak, but as they age they become more like mild cheddar or mozzarella. They are delicious for snacking, pizza topping, grilled cheese, nachos, and of course poutine!

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Red, White & Blue


Red foil envelops this ivory cheese streaked with blue veins and punctuated with irregular holes and small eyes. Clean, fresh and original, this cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and mild peppery accents.

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Cheese Curd


Farmstead or Farmhouse

Curd flavor is mild, but can differ in taste depending on the process in which it was made. It has about the same firmness and density as a cheese round, but with a springy or rubbery texture. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into, a defining characteristic not present in finished cheese, due to air trapped inside the porous material curd itself.

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An artisan, Italian-style cheese unique to Vermont. This cheese has a complex, mild, almost nut-like with hints of cheddar flavor. It is an excellent cut cheese for appetizers or desserts, but also brings a new flair to cooking. Made of raw, Jersey milk and aged 60-90 days.

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Organic Queso Fresco


Queso fresco is a traditional Mexican cheese and is a quintessential part of Mexican cuisine. The name queso fresco means “fresh cheese” in Spanish. In October 2011, we launched Organic Queso Fresco, a soft and mild part-skim cheese with fresh milk flavor and a little bit of acidity to give it some zing.

Organic Queso Fresco shreds and melts nicely making it a perfect topping for tacos, pizza, burritos, salads and anywhere you use mozzarella and other fresh cheeses.

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Butter Cheddar


Butter Cheddar, also known as Butterkäse, is mild and creamy with a slightly salty or acidic taste reminiscent of Muenster or Gouda cheeses. Known for its delicate flavor, it literally melts in your mouth at room temperature. Also great for for cooking!

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