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Maple Rum Leaf


Hildene Maple Rum Leaf is a soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese wrapped in maple leaves harvested from Hildene’s property. The leaves are soaked in Mad River Distillery’s Maple Cask Rum before being applied to the cheese. Maple Rum Leaf comes in 4oz rounds made from pasteurized cow milk and aged for 3 weeks. The texture is dense at the center and gooey just beneath the rind. the leaves add a floral, spicy aroma and a hint of sweetness to the rind. Due to the labor intensive nature of this cheese, Maple Rum Leaf is available only in limited quantities from November to March.

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April Fools’ Day 1-Year Cheddar


Our 1-year cheddar with a twist: it’s naturally dyed with annatto—derived from the seeds of the tropical achiote tree. This single batch was made last April Fools’ Day as our cheesemakers explored an old cheesemaking tradition.
Limited availability.

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THE CONUNDRUM PROJECT provides a flexible space for us to involve key retailers and chefs in the product development process. It is the name we give to any cheese that is delicious and interesting but not yet a permanent part of our collection. Conundrum will take many shapes over the years, but it will always be our effort to gather feedback from cheese professionals and share one-of-a-kind batches with our most engaged customers.


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Meet our haiku. Little thoughts of cheese. Closely related to Sonnet, Haikus are one-offs that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Earthy, rich, softly sharp with a subtle tang, this cheese is made with our goat’s delicious milk and is filled with the tastes of our hillside. Seasonally Available in limited editions. $30/lb. Sold by the pound.

This years haiku is a softer, more supple version of sonnet, velvety at the round and perfectly paired with a little plum and fennel chutney. It has been getting rave reviews at market and tastings. It is very very tasty.

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