Gluten Free

Adirondack Cheddar


Even among the extraordinary cheeses of our Founders’ Collection, Adirondack is quite unique. Crafted with care from the original recipe created by Cabot’s New York founding farmers in 1919, this cheddar packs that distinctively tangy “Upstate” bite that sets it apart from other New England cheddars.

Aged a minimum of 12 months, Adirondack carries hints of grapefruit and bergamot within a crumbly texture that still feels creamy and smooth. The creaminess of this cheese gets even more pronounced as it warms to tasting temperature, making it an ideal selection for a cheese board or fruit tray. To bring out its spicy back-notes, savor it with a steaming cup of Early Grey or enjoy alongside a candied citrus peel.

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Mild and mellow, yet wonderfully flavorful, Cabot’s Muenster makes a monster hit with those who prefer their cheese on the calm side.
Lactose-free & Gluten-free.

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Colby Jack


Similar in flavor to mild cheddar, tasty Colby Jack is softer and more elastic in texture, yet every bit as delicious, as its first cousin. A combination of Monterey Jack and Colby, this smooth, mellow cheese is ideal for cooking, nibbling or serving with fruit and crackers.

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Sharp Light Cheddar


Cabot’s Light Cheddars keep winning in taste tests nationwide. Why? Because we know how to craft great cheddar. One 1-oz serving has just 70 calories & 4.5g fat. “Less fat -not no fat- means better flavor and texture. We like Cabot the best.” – Cooking Light magazine.

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Hand Rubbed Delizioso! Layers of healthy, tasty Tuscan herbs and spices smother Cabot’s newest classico cheddar. Ideal for snacks, pizza and just pure enjoyment.

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