Cheese Curds


Our cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand – the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Granular curd cheese is very similar to cheddar, but it’s made in a technically different way. The art of achieving the rich, open-bodied texture of granular curd cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds.

The secret to making great cheese is to get the best and highest quality raw milk supply possible. We use only the finest Vermont raw cow’s milk free of any additives, ant-biotics or rBST. Our milk is sourced from a single dairy herd in close proximity to the cheese factory so we can use the freshest milk possible, and we can ensure consistent quality.

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Farmstead or Farmhouse

Typically, this style was a specific reference to farmhouse cheddar, a cheese which made use of the best cream from the farm where the cheese was being produced.  Thus, it was a special cheese and fetched a premium price.

Now, especially in America, farmhouse style cheeses can refer to a wide variety of styles, as long as the cows, the milk, and the cheese are from the same farm.  

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Habanero Cheddar


We’ve long been wanting to create the perfect spicy cheese, and it’s finally here! Our Habanero Cheddar is HOT! This Cheese is a perfect addition for hot chip dips, a zesty pizza topper, or a stand-alone appetizer. Its speckled orange appearance adds color to the table, too!

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An artisan, Italian-style cheese unique to Vermont. This cheese has a complex, mild, almost nut-like with hints of cheddar flavor. It is an excellent cut cheese for appetizers or desserts, but also brings a new flair to cooking. Made of raw, Jersey milk and aged 60-90 days.

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White Oak Cheddar


This cheddar offers subtle caramel sweetness with delicate hints of the duskiness of wine aging casks. Inspired by the best of British cheddars, our Lactose-Free White Oak honors balance, sharpness, and a smooth milky texture. We’ve crafted this special cheese similarly to Cabot’s 2013 American Cheese Society Winner, Clothbound Cheddar, but without the cave aging process.

Available in 6-ounce Dairy Bars, our White Oak Cheddar is part of our special line of Legacy Collection cheeses.

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Smoky Bacon Cheddar


Not many people would have to be talked into trying this flavor combination. What’s not to love about hickory smoke, cheddar, and bacon? Full-flavored and hearty, our Lactose-Free Smoky Bacon Cheddar is superb for slicing and snacking. Or try shredding it to elevate a plain baked potato into a gooey, smoky, cheesy masterpiece.

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