Cellar/Cave Aged

Red, White & Blue


Red foil envelops this ivory cheese streaked with blue veins and punctuated with irregular holes and small eyes. Clean, fresh and original, this cheese has a smooth, creamy texture and mild peppery accents.

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Plymouth Big Blue


Recognized by Food & Wine as one of the best artisanal cheeses in the nation, Big Blue showcases a thin stony rind surrounding a moist but dense cheese. With patches of small blue eyes, the texture is creamy, bold and rich with an herbaceous tang and a long finish. Its flavor develops steadily, becoming spicier as it ages.

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A true raw milk Havarti, this Danish recipe is also a favorite of many cheese lovers. Cave-aged rind kept thin allows for the full bodied flavor of this cheese. Goes great on burgers or try it as your favorite fondue.
2015 American Cheese Society second place winner, Dutch category.

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This cheese is the same as the Marabella but made with goats milk and organic Jersey cows milk.  It is made from October to December.  5-6oz lactic cheese with a geotrichum/p.candidum rind with 2 layers of ash and an ash coated rind. Very mild and a silky texture.

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Snyderbrook Rd


This is a winters cow milk cheese made with organic cows milk.  It is ripened 6 to 8 weeks and brushed 2 times per week. B.Linens are added to the milk thus creating a soft ripened rind with the frequent brushing.  8-10 oz. Supple, texture, sweet almond flavor as the cheese is brined in vodka and amaretto liquor.

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A typical French Valençay-style cheese. Its truncated pyramid shape is dusted with ash to encourage a beautiful, gray bloomy rind. Ripened for two weeks in our aging cellar, Sterling has a dense, creamy interior with a spicy, goaty bite.

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