Cultured Buttermilk


A low-fat alternative to traditional buttermilk our Cultured Buttermilk cuts the fat, not flavor.

Don’t sacrifice taste for a healthier alternative! Our product offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy guilt free!

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Our certified organic Buttermilk will have you dreaming of a spring morning on the farm. The rich, buttery flavor brings a subtle richness to baked goods or favorite dishes. We guarantee after one taste, you’ll be back for more!

Available in Quart and Pint sizes

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Cultured Nonfat Buttermilk


Made with pure Butterworks grass-fed Jersey cow milk and live cultures, our Buttermilk delivers a consistently fresh, tangy flavor.  Add premium taste and texture to baked goods, dressings, sauces, marinades and smoothies.  Beneficial to digestive health, cultured buttermilk has been a beverage in Eastern Europe for centuries.  Our buttermilk is a simple and traditional food, made with love on our farm by our family of happy cows, good people and living soil.

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True Buttermilk


Our buttermilk is ‘true’ because it is just what buttermilk should be, the brightly flavored, creamy liquid that results from the churning of cultured butter. (Most ‘buttermilk’ you find at the store is made from skim milk.)

Our traditional, cultured buttermilk is at once creamy, tangy and slightly effervescent. It enhances countless recipes or may be enjoyed alone as a delightful drink. Our buttermilk contains live, active cultures and is rich in highly beneficial probiotics and other nutritious compounds.

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