At Mountain Home Farm, in the heart of the Green Mountains, we produce single-source, artisan dairy products of exceptional quality. We treat our small herd of Guernsey cows like family. In spring, summer and fall they graze in lush mountain pastures. In winter they eat hay harvested from our meadows. Our cows thrive with NO GRAIN.

We use only our own farm-raised, 100% grass-fed milk to create our products in our small, on-farm creamery. Our current dairy products are: a golden, cultured, highly nutritious artisan butter, cultured, true buttermilk from the churn and a fresh, delicious ricotta cheese.

We sell all of our products from the farm by appointment. Our dairy products can be purchased at select retailers around the northeast, including City Market, Healthy Living, Hunger Mountain Co-op, Brattleboro Co-op, Springfield Co-op, South Royalton Market and Upper Valley Co-op.

We also produce and sell our own custom milk-fed, pasture-raised pork and 100% grass-fed beef. All of our meat, like our dairy products are GRAIN FREE! Please contact us directly for meat orders.