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If you are driving down one of Vermont’s meandering roads over rolling green hills past tiny towns and small dairy farms, you may come across some “odd cows” on one little farm in a small town called Weybridge. Mixed in with the ordinary cows are an unusual breed of cows called the Dutch Belts characterized by their creamy white belt sandwiched between a black flank and shoulders. These cows are members of the Scholten Family Farm and together with their Holstein friends are the only ones who produce milk for our quality, farm fresh cheese, “Weybridge.”

The idea of making a farmstead cheese came as we sought ways to make the family farm sustainable and to create opportunities for the whole family to participate in the farm.  Scholten Family Farm promotes farming in a manner that improves and sustains the environment, practices good animal husbandry, and upholds personal values where family comes first.

“Weybridge” is made with our own pasteurized organic milk to bring to your family a delicate, lactic-set bloomy rind cheese unique to our region. It is a delicious, wholesome food that no one should go without trying. Know where your food comes from and support local farms!

From our family to yours,
Scholten Family Farm

P.S. We now have a farmstand at the farm selling our very own cheese, eggs, and meats. Stop by and check it out!


Scholten Family Farm

1097 Weybridge Road
Weybridge, VT 05753




Weybridge is a lactic-set cheese with a delicate, bloomy rind. The lightly-aged style is simply meant to showcase the Scholten’s distinctive Dutch Belt milk. To learn her craft, Patty studied at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese followed by a dedicated period of development, where she and Roger were able to draw upon the expertise of Vermont’ rich artisan cheese community.

The small medallion format appeals to any occasion – a snack for two or garnish to a larger spread. The white, edible mold rind imparts a subtle cave aroma and a mushroom character to the developing creamline beneath. The […]

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