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At Rogers Farmstead, we grow a variety of organic grains on our family farm in Central Vermont.  We carefully select and cultivate grain varieties that result in quality baking ingredients.

Creamy organic Jersey milk, yogurt, and cheese.  We have a small herd of registered Jersey cows raised with the utmost care.  Our lovely ladies roam the pastures day and night, are milked twice a day, and provide some of the tastiest milk products around.


Rogers Farmstead

934 Rowell Hill Road, Berlin, Vermont 05602


Farm stand is open 7am to 7pm everyday.


Organic Yogurt

Available in Plain, Maple, and Vanilla.
Mild cultures, smooth, and creamy. The base ingredients are simple: Pasteurized milk, cultures. No additives, no preservatives.

For information on where to purchase, click here.

Organic Chocolate Milk

Creamy milk, rich cocoa, and just the right touch of organic sugar make for a decadent treat. Some have called it liquid ice cream because it is so good. Available in pints and half gallons.

For information on where to purchase, click here.