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NFC produces fresh and cultured dairy products, which fit the everyday ways people eat, servicing the increasing market interest in traceable, local, grass-based dairy. Grade A products are differentiated from other value added products (like cheddar) in that they are quick turnover and high-margin, yet they must meet more complicated state and federal regulations (all of which NFC achieves). NFC currently hauls milk from Billings Farm in Woodstock, VT. This grass fed Jersey milk will be the basis for NFC’s products until we can Bring The Cows Back, Norwich. NFC’s business is up and running, with turnover increasing week by week now that it has access to a milk supply of proper quality and adequate volume. In the last six months, it has added customers such as the Upper Valley Food Coop, the Woodstock Inn, Brownsville Butcher, Brattleboro Coop, City Market, Healthy Living, and is selling 100% of it’s production every week. NFC will produce Bottled Pasteurized Milk, Bottled Raw Milk, Yogurt, Ricotta, Kefir, and Ice Cream. NFC milk offers more nutrition at a greater value: targeting a price point that is above conventional milk and below organic milk, while offering milk that is higher in protein, fat, and features a grass-based biochemistry.


Norwich Farm Creamery

Chris Gray
701 Turnpike Road, Norwich, Vermont 05055


Visit our on site Farm Store where we sell all our creamery products, along with eggs, pork, beef, cheese, and sometimes more. 

The store is self-serve, with cash or check accepted, and open 24/7.


Ice Cream

Made from our own base recipe!

Flavors: Sweet Cream, Vanilla, Strawberry, Strawberry Ricotta, Mint Chocolate Chip.

Only available at our Farm Store.

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Dear Friend —

I’m not like the other ricottas.
I’m fermented and I live in this little basket.
I’m richer and creamier.
And I’m not just for lasagna!
Pick me instead of cream cheese, sour cream, or cottage cheese.

Freshly Yours,
Basket Ricotta

For information on where to purchase, click here.


Dear Friend —

I may be Plain in name, but I am fascinating and complex on the inside.
My full-fat Creamline  milk combined with maker’s custom blend of bacteria, make me buttery and tangy.
Yummy yummy and super good for your tummy!

Vitally Yours,
Plain Yogurt

For information on where to purchase, click here.

Chocolate Milk

Dear Friend —

Nothing artificial added to me to make me thick and sweet.
I’m naturally so: fresh Creamline milk plus cocoa, sugar, and salt is all it takes.
Just be sure to give me three shakes!

Deliciously Yours,
Chocolate Milk

For information on where to purchase, click here.

Creamline Milk

Dear Friend —

I’m milk like it used to be. Extra creamery for extra flavor.
Make sure to shake me. Or let me sit still for a day or two,
then skim my cream off the top (just don’t tell them you did it!)

Nutritiously Yours,
Creamline Milk

For information on where to purchase, click here.