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Our Jersey cows, Frosty, Clover, Wild, Lou, Bernice, Lily and Rosie, are happy to provide the milk for this Karim Creamery Cheese. They share the barns and fields of our 54 acre farm with a number of sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and one goose. They would like you to know that they are small cows, very friendly and give rich and healthy milk. They say the clover here is particularly good, and they hope you will visit if you are ever in Ryegate, Vermont

 With a house, barn and fields that date back from the 1850’s, Karim Farm and Creamery plays an active role in maintaining Vermont’s agricultural traditions. We enjoy our small herd of jersey cows and cheese making with the small changes in culture and process that lead to different products. Our diversified farming preserves Vermont’s working landscape and practices humane treatment of animals and responsible land stewardship. We are committed to providing local customers with affordable, high-quality cheeses and other dairy products from a working farm in their midst, one they can visit to observe the process first hand.


Karim Farm & Creamery

442 Chamberlin Road
East Ryegate, VT 05042



The Farm is open to visitors on Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday, 9am-1pm. Please call ahead to schedule your visit.



An artisan, Italian-style cheese unique to Vermont. This cheese has a complex, mild, almost nut-like with hints of cheddar flavor. It is an excellent cut cheese for appetizers or desserts, but also brings a new flair to cooking. Made of raw, Jersey milk and aged 60-90 days.

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Karim Nordic

A swiss-style cheese originally developed in Norway, with small eyes and creamy texture. Excellent in sandwiches and cooking; melts well. Made of part skim, raw, Jersey milk and aged 60-90 days.

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