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Hildene Goat Dairy is one of two agricultural sites that are part of Hildene, the Lincoln Family Home in Manchester, Vermont. Robert Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary built Hildene in 1905 on 412 acres of woods and farmland. The mountain retreat was home to three generations of Lincolns for the next 70 years. Hildene’s agricultural programming is inspired by the family’s passion for farming. Research indicates that generations of Lincolns including Robert and his granddaughter Peggy, raised cows and chickens to produce eggs, milk and butter used on the estate and shared with friends.

Hildene Goat Dairy connects the family’s legacy to the sustainable practices necessary for the 21st century and is a critical resource for the environmental education that takes place on the property. The barn is designed specifically to house Hildene’s herd of Nubian goats and for public viewing of cheese production from milking to pasteurization, aging and packaging. From May to November the goats are milked twice daily with the milk mostly going to cheesemaking but also to producing Hildene’s own line of soaps, salves and lip balm. In the winter, cow milk is brought in from a local dairy to continue making cheese. Different cheeses are made with different kinds of milk and thus some of our products are available on a seasonal basis.

Hildene cheeses are available in The Museum Store at Hildene, open daily 9:30 to 4:30.
These cheeses are also available through the wholesale purveyor, Provisions International, Ltd.

Hildene Goat Dairy

1005 Hildene Road
Manchester, Vermont 05254




Maple Rum Leaf

Hildene Maple Rum Leaf is a soft-ripened, bloomy rind cheese wrapped in maple leaves harvested from Hildene’s property. The leaves are soaked in Mad River Distillery’s Maple Cask Rum before being applied to the cheese. Maple Rum Leaf comes in 4oz rounds made from pasteurized cow milk and aged for 3 weeks. The texture is dense at the center and gooey just beneath the rind. the leaves add a floral, spicy aroma and a hint of sweetness to the rind. Due to the labor intensive nature of this cheese, Maple Rum Leaf is available only in limited quantities from November to March.

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Cow Tomme

Hildene Cow Tomme is one of our winter cheeses made from raw milk bought from a nearby dairy. It has a firm texture and a nice balance of bright tartness with a creamy, buttery flavor similar to a mild cheddar. Each finished wheel is 6 to 7 pounds and is aged for at least 6 months. The natural rind adds an earthy note.

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Goat Tomme

Hildene Goat Tomme is a semi-firm cheese made from raw milk. Each wheel is washed in a salt brine fro the first month of aging to develop an orange patina and fruity aroma. While the washing gives the cheese a little extra funk the complexity of our goat’s milk still shines through: peppery, sweet and savory all at once. Hildene Goat Tomme is aged at least 3 months and is made in 4-5 pound wheels.

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Cow’s Milk

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Fresh Chèvre

Hildene’s best known cheese is its signature chèvre, made from fresh, pasteurized goat milk from our own herd. Each round is hand-ladled for a ridiculously creamy texture and lightly salted to bring out the goat milk’s delicate flavor and soften the tangy finish. Our chèvre is typically available from May to October and comes in 3oz and 6oz rounds.

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