Washed Curd: Hard & Semi-Hard

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Go beyond the basics of cheesemaking with these intensive sessions. The focus is on making, aging, and controlling quality, and the sessions will revolve around hands-on cheesemaking and thorough discussion.

In each session we will cover:

• Starter and Ripening Cultures
• Cheesemaking Recipe Development
• Specific Cheese Aging Techniques
• Equipment and Facilities
• Food Safety
• Cheese Grading and Quality Control

Advanced Cheesemaking sessions are for cheesemakers who have licensed, commercial small-scale cheese businesses and want to expand product lines, experiment with new cultures and recipes, and improve quality.  Participants are invited to bring cheeses for tasting and evaluation.

The Blues: Soft-Ripened to Stilton
April 13 – 14

Bloomy and Washed Rinds
April 15 – 16

Washed Curd: Hard & Semi-Hard
April 20 – 21

Alpine & Grana
April 22 – 23

These session will be held in Westminster, VT. Address and directions will be sent upon registration. For availability contact Peter or Rachel at 802.387.4041 or email westminsterartisan@gmail.com