Plymouth Artisan Cheese

Cheese Curds


Our cheeses are crafted, cut and waxed by hand – the way they did it over 125 years ago on the Plymouth homestead.

Granular curd cheese is very similar to cheddar, but it’s made in a technically different way. The art of achieving the rich, open-bodied texture of granular curd cheese is through the skillful cutting and continuous stirring of the curds.

The secret to making great cheese is to get the best and highest quality raw milk supply possible. We use only the finest Vermont raw cow’s milk free of any additives, ant-biotics or rBST. Our milk is sourced from a single dairy herd in close proximity to the cheese factory so we can use the freshest milk possible, and we can ensure consistent quality.

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Original Plymouth Cheese


Requires a minimum of 10 months in our cellars before it has achieved its full potential. Plymouth is our signature cheese, deep and complex, which will excite and entice the palate. Robust and with a long finish, Original Plymouth will soon become one of your favorites.

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East Meadow


Our youngest offering, is aged 3 months. This cheese has a smooth texture with creamy and buttery notes and a pleasant finish. Our East Meadow is perfect for mild cheese lovers and great in a wide array of cooking.

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