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Jericho Hill Farm

Jericho Hill Farm
George and Linda Miller
Cheesehouse: 802-295-5333

Welcome to our fifth generation
dairy and maple farm!

The Story of Jericho Hill Farm

Jericho Hill Farm is owned and operated by George and Linda Miller.  Our lovely hillside farm has been in the Miller family since November of 1907 when George Nelson Miller walked up Jericho Hill from the White River Jct. train depot and bought the farm with a handshake and $1,800 secretly sewn into the lining of his jacket. Great Grandpa George peddled butter, potatoes, and apples to the townspeople and stores in Hartford.  Later his son, Chester with wife Hazel at his side, took over the farm and continued this tradition, expanding into selling maple syrup as well as cream and milk.  

In 1956 Chet and Hazel bought a second farm in the Jericho District which they eventually sold to their son, Raymond, and daughter-in-law Joyce.  Ray and Joyce along with their son, George, began shipping milk in 1976 for Cabot Cheese from Jericho ValVu Farm.  At the same time George started an award-winning maple syrup partnership known as Scattered Maples, 1994 Winner of the Vermont Maplerama "World's Best Maple Syrup Award". We've come full circle and are now peddling our maple and dairy products directly to our consumers at local Farmers Markets and country stores just as Great Grandpa Miller did those many years ago.  

We hope that you try our delicious maple syrup and taste our amazing Smoked, Pepper Caraway, and Jericho Jack cheeses as well as our Colby Cheddar...and please visit our sugarhouse in the Spring! 

This is Magic... She was the start of a long line of beautiful Holstein cows on our farm.  Come and meet some of her great, great granddaughters...

In 1994 our farm received the State of Vermont top quality award for pasteurized milk counts. We won the Highest Milk Quality Award in both 1995 and 1999; and in December 2006 we received a Second Place Quality Milk Award in Agrimark Region Nine. We have received high quality milk awards from Cabot Creamery every year since 1976.

In addition to milk quality awards, we received the Ottauquechee Conservation District Farm of the Year Award in 1996 for conservation practices of building a manure storage facility, concrete barnyard area, and roof water runoff diversions.

Jericho Hill Farm welcomes visitors, however, it is essential to call ahead to arrange a time to meet.


  • Go North on Route 14 starting at the intersection of Routes 5 and 14.  You will be driving 2.1 miles to Jericho Road.  The White River will be on your left. 
  • Drive through Hartford Village and past the Hartford Post Office and bridge on the left with the Hartford MiniMart/Irving gas  station, Elks Club, Hartford Library, and Church on the right.  
  • Drive past Dothan Road.  
  • Take the next right onto Jericho Road and drive exactly 2.4 miles, traveling uphill most of the way.  
  • Take the left onto Miller Road (a dirt road that angles back at the crest of Jericho hill). 
Follow Miller Road to our farm at the end



George cutting the cheese curd.

George proudly displays his very first wheel of cheese in 2007.

George with Elly Mae and Clementine born just hours earlier

four of usDelicious Dairy and Maple Products
from our family to yours!
The Millers Alex, Hannah, Linda and George


Cheese Varieties

Jericho Jack is an aged, raw milk, salt water brined, farmstead cheese with a firm body and soft, smooth texture. We age our 1 lb., 4 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch wheels for 60 days and beyond. We have also created delicious Pepper Jack and Smoked Jack cheeses.

Colby Cheddar is a raw milk, farmstead cheddar cheese which is made in the stirred curd style.  This cheese is a mild cheddar with a smooth, creamy texture.

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